About me

My name is Daisy van Montfort (1974) and I live in Reuver (Limburg, the Netherlands).

Painting is my passion. Back when I still was a child I would always be drawing in my room. I discovered that I had a knack for it in elementary school. After my middle school diploma in fashion I started following a creative education in Eindhoven. Next I began working in the graphical sector. This, however, didn't provide the satisfaction I was looking for because the digital era had just commenced. This caused some unrest. I was missing something.

I discovered painting in 2005. I got a painter's easel for my birthday and started moving my brush across the canvas. It was like a whole new world. Painting relaxes me and brings out the best in me. After multiple painting and drawing courses, I studied for seven years with the artist Frans Nauts. He taught me the tricks of the trade.

The interest for portrait has always been there. Portrait painting demands persistence. The typical character traits need to be brought alive. A sparkle in the eyes, a menacing laugh, the game of light and shadow. The challenge lies in expressing this in the painting. It's a piece of a soul that you expose on the canvas.

I hope you will have fun exploring my website. Are you looking for a portrait, and does my work appeal to you? Then feel free to contact me without further obligations.


The customer brings pictures, or we take pictures in the workshop. The customer and I then select a few of the pictures. The paintings will be made in oil paint or acrylic paint. An oil painting needs to dry between layers, this takes time. It usually takes a few weeks to a few months. In the meanwhile I keep in touch with the customer.


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