Portfolio Commissions

Portrait dogs

A nice assignment. This painting was a surprise for someone in the family. It was quite a challenge to finish the assignment ...

Portrait Jozef (2016)

A thankful assignment. A portrait in memory of Jozef. For a special wish I processed the ashes of their beloved dog in this painting.

Portrait Marijke (2014)

A beautiful commission. I painted this portrait for a family as a memory of Marijke. Oil paint on canvas 40 x 50 cm.

Movie scene Scarface (2014)

A fun commission for a big fan of the movie Scarface. To achieve an optimal result I first took pictures with the customer. We used the same lighting as they used in ...-

Portrait Dewi / Portrait Nina (2014)

Portraits of two sisters. To get a nice balance ...-

Portrait Danne-Mei / Portrait Yue-Lia (2013)

Portraits of two sisters. After I got acquainted with ...-

Portrait Vicky (2013)

This portrait of Vicky was a surprise for a certain family member. Oil paint on canvas 40 x 50 cm.

Portrait Andrea (2013)

Portrait commissioned by Andrea's friends, who was 'Aad Wief' during Carnaval, a regional tradition. She was happily surprised when she received this portrait.

Portrait Deer (2012)

A pastel drawing is quite fragile. To protect the drawing you can add a passe-partout and a frame. Drawing made with pastel pencils and chalk on paper 22 x 22 cm.

Portrait Tanja (2013)

This was a new challenge for me. Drawing a portrait in pastel. You can stack multiple layers, but at a given moment the paper will be saturated. Drawing made...-

Portrait Tanja (2010)

In this commission I had to draw a friend. She wanted to see the paint strokes in the finished product. Acrylic paint on canvas 30 x 40 cm.

Portrait Marijn / Portrait Rafke (2008)

Portraits of a brother and sister. Oil paint on canvas 50 x 70 cm.

Portrait Max / Portrait Tommy (2007)

Portraits of two brothers. Oil paint on canvas 30 x 40 cm.

Portrait Mike / Portrait Dave (2007)

Portraits of the twins Mike and Dave. Oil paint on canvas 30 x 40 cm.

Portrait Mirthe / Portrait Amber (2007)

Portraits of the sisters Mirthe and Amber. Oil paint on canvas 30 x 40 cm.

Portrait Sidney (2006)

My first commissioned portrait. Oil paint on canvas 24 x 30 cm.